VEO 3+ 263CB Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ball Head (coming soon)

VEO 3+ 263CB Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ball Head (coming soon)

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Vanguard is proud to introduce VEO 3+, an all-in-one tripod series that is sturdy and stylish but also offers numerous innovative features -- as well as outstandingly versatile performance.

Vanguard is proud to introduce VEO 3+ Series, which is the result of over 30 years of in-house design experience and based on feedback from photographers around the world.

This all-in-one tripod series is sturdy and stylish but offers outstandingly versatile performance. The easy-to-operate Multi-Angle Central Column (MACC) can be moved 360° in any direction, making it perfect for any style of photography, moving from macro to landscape in seconds. The MACC can also be used as a multi-mount when used with the VEO+ MA1 Adaptor (provided), allowing additional equipment to be attached to the tripod to enhance any shot. In addition, all models include a leg that converts to a monopod, a selection of Arca-compatible ball or pan heads, either aluminium or carbon fiber legs, and removable spiked feet. 

The VEO 3+ also delivers a step change in quality. To deliver maximum stability and quality that is second to none, Vanguard uses Advanced Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Engineering Technology, backed up by high-quality materials. The precise engineering available through CNC enables Vanguard to source specialist-quality materials, such as solid blocks of aircraft-grade aluminum, which are then machined into key load-bearing components with precision that can’t be matched with traditional die-casting techniques. These parts then receive leading-edge treatments, such as Vanguard’s Advanced Anodizing process, which offer the maximum protection available and extend the life of the product.

This combination of innovative design, partnered with leading manufacturing techniques, delivers an experience that allows any photographer to explore their world with confidence.