Alta Sky 62 Premium Camera Backpack w/ Large Lens Capacity - Available JULY 27, 2024

Alta Sky 62 Premium Camera Backpack w/ Large Lens Capacity - Available JULY 27, 2024

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The ALTA SKY 62 is the ultimate gear-carrying and working backpack -- specifically designed to carry a super-telephoto lens up to 200-600mm f5.6-6.3, attached to a DSLR or full-frame mirrorless body, along with up to 7 additional lenses (or personal gear), and a 16" laptop with an 11" tablet.


  • Large-lens capacity (up to 600mm with body attached)
  • Top front access and lower rear access
  • Carries a 16" laptop 
  • Side strap can be fitted to create top handle
  • No fumbling with bright-colored interior that makes finding things easy
  • Full-sized tripod carrying system
  • Comfortable airflow system back, harness & waist belt
  • Keep gear dry on the wet days with the included rain cover

The ALTA SKY 62 backpack offers a modern design for photographers who need to carry a large lens but want configuration options to change lenses easily -- and take advantage of photo opportunities as they come along. Until now, the choice has been to carry a telephoto lens and leave the rest of the kit at home (such as in an Alta Sky 66), or to take a wider bag that can take the additional lenses -- which means that the body needs to be detached from the telephoto lens in transit and set up onsite. The Alta Sky 62 gets around this with two separate sections in the main compartment. One half is designed to fit a DSLR or mirrorless body attached to a 200-600mm f5.6-6.3 lens. An adjustable thick, sturdy, and well-padded cradle supports the camera body from below and secures the large lens in position, while making sure it is well-protected all around the delicate connection point. The other half of the main compartment is designed to hold up to 7 additional lenses, or it can be customized to carry the personal items that you need for a longer trek. A full front opening flap ensures easy top access to the camera/telephoto lens and the top half of the compartment with the additional lenses, while the lower half of each compartment can be accessed from the back. The interior is a light, bright orange that allows you to clearly see the contents of the bag, even in low-light conditions. A full-sized tripod can be carried centrally for optimal balance, using the tripod foot pocket and adjustable straps to hold it tightly for maximum comfort on the move. Alternatively, you can carry a tripod or monopod in the expanding side pocket (or use it to carry a water bottle). Organize all other gear and personal essentials, such as a 16" laptop, 11" tablet, memory cards, cables, batteries, charger and smartphone, etc. -- exactly where you need them. Designed to carry heavy loads for extended periods of time, we set the bar for comfortable carrying at a new high. Our advanced ergonomic back and harness system is fully adjustable and features a well-padded breathable back, uniquely shaped easy height-adjusting shoulder straps that perfectly contour to your back and torso, adjustable sternum strap, and a well-padded supporting waist belt. For shorter trips, there is also a detachable shoulder strap on the side that allows you to choose the best way to carry it. The Alta Sky 62 offers a holistic approach in its protection features, such as our high-quality materials and bag construction, our grab-and-go sturdy carrying handle, and our total-coverage rain cover.

Interior Capacity 24.6 liters 24.6 liters
Color Gray Gray
Small Drone Storage? YES YES
Exterior Dimensions 13.8" x 10.6" x 21.5" 13.8" x 10.6" x 21.5"
Interior Dimensions 11.4" x 6.5" x 20.3" 11.4" x 6.5" x 20.3"
Laptop/Tablet Storage Max Size Up to 16" Laptop + 11" Tablet Up to 16" Laptop + 11" Tablet
Maximum Weight Capacity 30.9 lbs. 30.9 lbs.
Rain Cover Included? YES YES
Tripod Storage? YES (Full Size) YES (Full Size)
Item Weight 5.9 lbs. 5.9 lbs.