Joel Robison

Joel Robison is a conceptual portrait photographer based out of Cranbrook, British Columbia and currently living and working out of the UK. He's always loved the fantasy world created by the minds of Walt Disney, Dr. Seuss, Jim Henson and many more, and he enjoys putting whimsical elements inspired by these role models into his work. He often tells a story within his photographs that allows the viewer to experience an emotion, create their own story, or experience a glimpse into his ideas and dreams. He strongly believes in sending a positive message through art and in summer of 2013 he, along with 2 fellow photographers, created a non-profit workshop tour that took them across the United States over 2 months, teaching a portrait workshop to over 100 students. He was  hired by Coca-Cola to participate as the lead photographer in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, capturing happiness in 90 countries over a 9 month period.

He got his start in photography due to a project called the 365 project, where he took a self portrait every day for a year. He thinks that self portraiture is an amazing way to express your emotions, your ideas, dreams and goals in a visual format.

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Joel's Gear

VEO 204AB Travel Tripod

"I love this tripod as it’s small enough to slip into any of my bags but durable enough that I don’t worry when it’s extended and in use. As a travelling photographer, I like to have my gear as light and space sensitive as possible and this tripod is amazing at both!"


VEO 37 Shoulder Bag

"This bag has been an excellent addition to my gear list, it’s lightweight and I feel like I can wear it either to coffee with friends, a walk through town or to a photo shoot. Everything that I need for a day’s worth of shooting fits perfectly inside and I feel like nobody else knows it’s a camera bag!"

ALTA PRO 263AB 100 Aluminum Alloy Tripod Kit

"The heavy duty of my kit, I love this tripod because I never have to worry about stability when my camera is hooked up to it. It’s not too heavy and it certainly gets the job done in wind, water, rain, snow or uneven surfaces."

GH-300T Pistol Grip Ball Head

"A cool and useful addition to any tripod is the pistol grip, it’s great for catching panoramics or quickly adjusting your camera during a shoot, plus it’s a great conversation starter!"

Xcenior 48T Roller Bag

"This is a great bag to bring either on a bigger shoot or to use as regular luggage without fear that your equipment will get banged up. I’ve traveled internationally a few times now with this bag and I always feel comfortable putting my tripods and extra equipment inside, safe and sound."

Havana 41 Backpack

"My everyday backpack. I live with this bag attached me. It’s probably the most useful bag I own as it looks like a casual backpack but comes loaded with lots of space for my camera, lenses, a laptop and all the extras.  I bring this bag to the market, to the library and on shorter day hikes and it’s perfect."

Sedona 51 Backpack

"I call this my weekend getaway bag, it’s the perfect size for a few days of gear. I usually manage to fit in my camera, my VEO 204AB Travel tripod, my laptop and a couple changes of clothes and it still fits in the overhead bin and I can pick it up and go when I’m ready! It hold a lot of gear without being too bulky and  really value the extra space during bigger photoshoots!"


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