VEO TSA DLX L - Large-Sized Deluxe Tripod Support Arm

VEO TSA DLX L - Large-Sized Deluxe Tripod Support Arm


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The VEO TSA DLX L Tripod Support Arm attaches to the canopy of suitable tripods and lets you connect accessories to customize your setup.

  • Fits any tripod with a 1/4" or 3/8" thread hole
  • Fits any accessory with 1/4" thread hole
  • Folds to 6.6" and extends to 11.4"
  • Weighs 0.65 lbs.
  • Maximum load capacity 6.6 lbs.
  • Single, oversized locking knob for easy use
  • Serrated steel joint provides a solid grip
  • Ball joints at both ends give you maximum flexibility
  • CNC-machined aircraft grade aluminium

Can be used with Vanguard's Cold Shoe Mounts or Tablet Connector.

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$79.99 Buy It Now

The VEO TSA DLX L is a high-quality, CNC-machined Tripod Support Arm that allows you to attach a range of accessories to your tripod to enhance your final shot.

To attach to your tripod canopy, you have a choice of a 1/4" thread or 3/8" thread. It also includes the option to have the bayonet fittings out for maximum stability (on tripods that include that feature, such as the VEO 3T or VEO 3T+), or a smooth edge for tripods that don't.

To attach to the accessory of your choice, there is a 1/4" thread that can screw directly into selected accessories, or it can screw into one of Vanguard's cold shoe mount accessories to attach a wider range of gear (or the VEO TC M tablet connector).

Once the support arm is attached to your tripod, setting the position of the VEO TSA DLX is all controlled through the single locking knob, which is oversized for easy grip. The locking knob loosens the support arm angle joint and the ball joints on either end, so if you have your accessory on it when you do, please make sure you're supporting it to prevent falling. Position the arm and accessory where it needs to be, and tighten the locking knob. It's as simple as that.

The VEO TSA DLX support arm joint is constructed using serrated steel teeth for maximum grip, supporting up to 6.6 lbs.

This large tripod support arm folds to 6.6" and extends to 11.4", and it weighs less than a pound. If you need a shorter support arm, please check out the VEO TSA DLX M, which extends to 7.1".

Color Black Black
Dimensions 11.4" x 6.6" 290 x 167 mm
Maximum Load Capacity 6.6 lbs. 3 kg
Thread Size 1/4"-20 UNC 1/4"-20 UNC
Item Weight 0.59 lbs. 267 g