QS-29 Quick Shoe

QS-29 Quick Shoe

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You invest in your camera, your tripod and tripod head. You need to also ensure you have a secure connection between those critical investments. That's where Vanguard's QS quick shoe series comes in. Attach your camera to your tripod head with ease.

  • Quick shoe for Vanguard tripods
  • See below for complete compatibility list
  • 1/4" camera mounting screw and pin

Quick shoes allow fast and easy mounting and removal of cameras on your tripod head. This sliding adapter mounts to the base of your camera for a simple one click attachment to your tripod. The QS-29 fits Vanguard tripod models:  AK Series, Alta 203/204AP, Alta 224/225CP, Alta 233/234/235AP, Alta CA Series, Espod CX Series, Espod Plus Series, MK Series, Mars 1 OS, MG Series, MK 2-4, OV-300/400, PH-222, PH-304, Vesta 203/233/234AP, Vesta 203/233AGH, VT-143, VT-150, VT-152, VT-158, VT-200, VT-216M, VT-217, VT-219, VT-432, and VT-931.

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