Rebecca Clark

Rebecca Clark

May 29, 2024

Rebecca Clark is a nature and wildlife photographer based in the Midwest (Iowa). She specializes in dreamy and ethereal images that illuminate the softer side of nature and wildlife. Her intention is to feature the wildlife that is so often overlooked and underappreciated in the Midwest and beyond. She is inspired to create compositions that showcase the beauty of unnoticed wildlife, often hidden in plain sight, with peekaboo frames and intimate, candid moments.

During a time of inner struggle, paired with renewal and self-discovery, she was moved to embark on her photography journey, by a desire to forage a deeper connection with nature. She made a comment to spend time outdoors every day, regardless of the elements and started documenting her journey on social media. Wildlife, however, was never on her radar as a Midwest photographer. Much to her surprise, during the beginning stages of her journey, she had direct encounters with deer and owls that caused her to realize the wildlife wasn’t very far after all; and eventually, she made it her mission to showcase Midwest wildlife.

She shares her images and footage on social media to move and inspire others to connect with the nature and wildlife around them, regardless of their location. She also creates handmade notecards, which she offers via local vendors and art shows and through her Etsy shop.

Instagram: @ezzy_collective