For Today’s Photo and Video Pros, Efficiency is a "+"

For Today’s Photo and Video Pros, Efficiency is a "+"

October 12, 2020

The Vanguard VEO 3+ tripod series proves that multi-tools aren’t just for the Swiss Army.

Photo credit: Laurence Norah

By Jay Hathaway for Vanguard USA

You have to love the human spirit of innovation. We create useful tools and items to make our lives easier, and then we improve on them in a continuous evolution of efficiency. Sometimes, we even figure out ways to combine these useful gadgets into all-in-one masterpieces. Ever heard of the Swiss Army Knife? What started in 1890 as a combination knife, tool, and can opener has evolved into the inches-long monument to efficiency we all know and love today[1]

In our world of photography and videography, useful tools include tripods, cameras of all sorts, viewing monitors, flashes, lenses, and much more. Vanguard and other manufacturers have utilized features such as Arca-Swiss (seriously, those Swiss are masters of efficiency) compatibility to help photo and video pros change equipment quickly on tripods. But what about the other stuff? Can’t we figure out a way to set up a video camera AND a monitor on the same tripod?


Ok, how about two cameras and a monitor?

No problem.

Well, I also need to shoot at a lot of different angles…

Yep, got it.

Spiked feet option for rough terrain?


You get the idea. The human drive to make our useful items more useful is abundantly active in the world of camera tripods, and Vanguard has always been an active leader in these endeavors. The new VEO 3+ tripods are a testament to creativity and efficiency—a veritable Swiss Army Knife of tripods. So, if you approach your photo, video, or nature observation work from multiple angles (pun intended), check out the 3+ series before heading out on your next adventure.

We should note, however, that the VEO 3+ does not include a bottle opener. You’ll have to bring your own.