Vanguard June Releases: VEO 5 Full-Size Tripods & Vesta GO T Tabletop Tripods

Vanguard June Releases: VEO 5 Full-Size Tripods & Vesta GO T Tabletop Tripods

June 25, 2024


Vanguard USA, Inc. announced the release of the VEO 5 tripod series on June 25. This is the first full update to its flagship VEO tripod family in several years, since the announcement of the VEO 3 series, which included the popular 3+ and 3 GO sets.

“While we certainly haven’t reinvented the wheel with VEO 5, we are extremely enthusiastic about the strides we’ve made in terms of small but effective design upgrades” Vanguard USA Marketing Director Jay Hathaway said. “For example, our engineers have created a hexagonal center column system that allows the tripods to fold to a very tight diameter – less than 4 inches for many of them.”

Hathaway noted that the advantage this provides is easier packing and better portability, even for traditional full-sized pieces.

The initial release of these full-size tripods includes models with pan heads or ball heads. VEO 5 AB and CB model tripods each come with an innovative dual-axis ball head that allows one to independently pan from the top canopy, which is helpful for maintaining even panoramic movement.

Additionally, retractable spiked feet help maximize stability on sketchy terrain. As a bonus, each VEO 5 tripod includes an upscale padded shoulder bag and a quick-release plate.

Hathaway added that more VEO 5 releases are slated for later summer 2024, including a set with counterbalancing video heads.

For more information, visit the VEO 5 Tripod Collection.


When a regular compact tripod is still not compact enough, you can rely on the Vesta GO T series of ultra-packable table tripods. This piece may be small in size, but it is big on performance, with either a ball head or smooth pan head to mount your optics or camera. The legs feature easy-to-use twist locks and are adjustable to 3 angles to set up how you need it.

See the Vesta GO T along with all of Vanguard's tabletop tripod selection here.

Be on the lookout for more awesome new product releases this summer from Vanguard, including more tripods and a selection of new camera bags!