Digiscoping 101

Digiscoping 101

August 26, 2019

Pairing Your Phone’s Camera with Your Hunting Optics

For hunters, quality gear and quality tools are a must. From the boots on your feet to the pack on your back, to your weapon of choice; tough equipment that is built to withstand the elements will up your odds of success in the field. One critical tool that hunters rely on heavily for a successful hunt is quality optics. A large portion of a hunt’s total investment is often wrapped up in the best binoculars and spotting scope you can afford.

Bringing far off objects in close, and into focus is an invaluable advantage of quality optics in the field. Whether you are glassing elk in a far off valley, whitetail deer grazing in a bean field, or bighorn sheep along a rocky peak; using optics to locate game, examine terrain, and take an inventory of your hunting area is a strategic tactic that pays big dividends. For generations of hunters, utilizing optics for scouting and hunting has become as common and critical as a knife in your pocket. Recently, another item that has become more and more critical and familiar in a hunter’s kit is their cellular smartphone.

The smartphones available on the market today are the multitool of electronic devices for hunters and anglers. The “phone” function is seemingly a byproduct of a sophisticated device that offers accurate GPS mapping, social connectivity, and a high-quality digital camera for recording both pictures and video. Digital imaging on smartphone equipped cameras is often 12 megapixels or better, equipped with f2 aperture and up to 4K video recording. For the hunter in the field with both quality optics and lenses, and a high definition camera-equipped smartphone, using the two devices together in collaboration can be a game-changer. A relatively new concept, that is amazingly practical, efficient, and productive is a partnership and pairing of your quality optics, and your phones digital camera.

Partner Your Phone’s Camera with Your Optics

Partnering the quality lens on your hunting optics with the smartphone camera in your pocket creates an amazing tool that can capture high-quality digital photographs and videos during hunting and scouting situations. With the use of an adaptor, like the made to match adaptors from Phone Skope, capturing quality digital video and images at a distance has become a reality. All of this is possible without the added expense, weight, and bulk of packing additional camera equipment.

By selecting your optic’s brand and model, then selecting your digital device on Phone Skope’s interactive website, it’s easy to start digiscoping on your next hunting or scouting trip to into the field. Carefully made to fit adaptors are available for a wide variety of both binoculars and spotting scopes. All popular makes and models of smartphones are also supported, ensuring your devices camera lines up perfectly with the optical lens. With the quick change of your smartphone’s case to a Phone Skope adaptor case, you are ready to digiscope. 

Share Scouting with Digiscoping

Hunting and scouting is oftentimes a team or family event. Annual excursions to a hunting camp, working together to help a friend fill a coveted tag, and shared properties or leases are great examples of hunting fellowship.

One of the fantastic advantages of adapting your mobile device camera to utilize the quality lens of your spotting scope or binoculars for zoom is the ease of data sharing. By design and definition, smartphones connect us to our friends and family. Through text messaging, gallery sharing, social media, and even Bluetooth, mobile electronic devices are designed to effectively share data.

With cellular and WiFi networks ever-expanding, the fact of the matter is, hunters are more and more connected than ever, sometimes even in the field. Capturing quality images and videos on scouting and hunting trips directly to your mobile device makes sharing a breeze. There are no SD cards to check, read, and swap when it comes to digiscoping. Save and share your images directly from your mobile device to the cloud or directly to your hunting buddies and family.

Capturing Video with Digiscoping 

When it comes to photography and videography, there have been a multitude of advancements year after year recently, with new technology being introduced all the time. Small HD video recorders, action cameras, DSLRs, and mirrorless cameras are all capable of taking high-quality video but are limited in their reach to the subject. Video recording technology built into smartphones has advanced maybe even faster than other recording platforms. Features like 4K recording and slow-motion are available with many phones today.

Simply adapting your smartphone’s camera to the optical reach of your binoculars or spotting scope allows for amazing video footage of distant subjects. When scouting for a hunt, taking a video of an animal’s movement in and out of their bedding area, feeding area, and transition areas without pressure is a huge benefit and tool. Watching high-quality footage, taken with digiscoping technology affords you the ability to view and strategize the wild game you are pursuing in the environment you will be hunting.

Digiscope to Tell Your Story

The amazing advancements in digital content, social media, video hosting, and video production applications has brought video studio features to your home and hunt. More and more, outdoorsmen and women take to the field capturing digital photographs and videos during their excursions. Compiling a highlight video of this year’s deer season, a youth hunter’s first time in the field, or a video detailing a single hunt is a fantastic way to save and cherish your time hunting with the ability to share it with others.

Digiscope footage, whether photographs or video is ultimately digital content that can easily be added to a hunting video as a clip or a thumbnail. Adding scouting footage captured through digiscoping to your hunting videos adds another critical dimension to your content.

Try Digiscoping this Season

By simply swapping out your smartphone’s case to a digiscoping adaptor, you can be capturing fantastic digital images at a distance this season. Digiscoping provides a simplistic approach with outside the box thinking to combine tools already at your disposal.