Being Versatile in the Field with Gerry Rightmyer of Forever Wild Outdoors

Being Versatile in the Field with Gerry Rightmyer of Forever Wild Outdoors

July 16, 2015

Vanguard Optics: Being Versatile in the Field

by Vanguard Professional Gerry Rightmyer, of Forever Wild Outdoors

Published by Vanguard USA

Versatility is being able to adapt to all situations. Being flexible and learning how to use different tools in varying situations has certainly made me a more successful outdoorsman and hunter. It’s this “thinking on my feet” mentality that’s enhanced my outdoor experience. Let me explain.

While attending an outdoor show earlier this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Tom & Michel Watson. Tom and Michel own Watson’s Kaby Lodge, in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. This particular camp is a “fly-in” fishing and hunting camp.

Tom & Michel invited me to their camp to experience a remote fishing trip like no other. At first, I thought… “Fishing trip. Why would I bring my optics on a fishing trip?” To be honest, I considered leaving my binoculars and optics “gear” at home. Let’s face it; most anglers would leave their “glass” home too! With weight restrictions and baggage limits, no serious outdoorsman would bring their optics on a fishing trip… right?

I opted to bring my Vanguard arsenal with me - including my Vanguard Endeavor ED II 10x42s - and boy am I glad I did! Imagine a remote fishing/hunting camp. There’s plenty to see. On a big lake like Kabinakagami, many opportunities to enjoy the surrounding flora and fauna can come from great distances. Bald Eagles, giant Black Bear, Moose, and other critters abound in a remote camp like Kaby lodge. The only way to enjoy an “up close” view of these majestic and skittish creatures is to view them from hundreds of yards away. A crystal clear and magnified perspective, especially on a big body of water, is the best way to see what the naked eye cannot.

While filming the trip for an upcoming episode of Forever Wild Outdoors Adrenaline Adventures, I used my Vanguard Pro M62 shooting stick as a creative way to film underwater footage. I simply attached a Spypoint underwater camera to the end of my shooting stick, and extended it under the water for some fantastic fish footage! As I said, be creative. All of Vanguard’s line of products are well built and can be used creatively for a vast array of situations. Adapt to your environment and you’ll see things most others can only hope to experience.

After returning home from our fishing excursion, I’ve had some time to reflect on my essential gear for any trip, whether it’s hunting or fishing. My Vanguard optics and support systems are truly a must on any adventure. Use these products not only on your hunting trips but on your angling adventures as well! I’m glad I did!