Havana 48 Backpack Camera Bag - Tan

Havana 48 Backpack Camera Bag - Tan

Item: HAVANA 48

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The HAVANA 48 backpack fits a DSLR with lens attached, 2-3 lenses, a flash, accessories and a 15" laptop, all easily accessible and safely protected alongside your other personal effects.

  • Always protected - well-padded camera insert and dividers
  • Day-in day-out - transforms into an everyday backpack
  • Comfortable carrying – well-padded back and harness
  • Ease of transport - connects to the handle of your wheel-along luggage
  • Well organized - dedicated pockets for all essentials & key lanyard
  • No fumbling - light colored interior makes finding things easy
  • Business oriented - holds a 15" laptop
  • Stay hydrated - two water bottle side pockets
  • Stay steady - monopod/small tripod connection
  • Incognito - no one need know this is a camera bag
  • Keep dry - total coverage rain cover
$129.99 Buy It Now $159.99 Retail Price

The HAVANA 48 backpack will prove a trusted companion while maneuvering effortlessly through city streets, navigating your commute, strolling down the beach, or up to something more adventurous… making sure you have easy access to your camera, so that you are always able to snap a photo at a moment's notice.

Whether you are on your daily commute or exploring the rainforest, protection is key and the HAVANA 48 offers a well-padded insert in the lower compartments that will hold a DSLR with attached, 2-3 lenses, a flash and other accessories. You will also find that we have thought and catered to all other essential needs with a dedicated 15" laptop compartment perfect for an Ultrabook, a large top compartment for sandwiches, sunglasses, a sweater and much more, two zippered pockets for your smartphone, wallet and other essentials you need close at hand, a media pouch, two water bottle side pockets that can be used to dock and secure a monopod or small tripod, and even a key lanyard, as we know just how annoying it is to arrive home after an adventure and not find your key!

The HAVANA 48 perfectly blends in and allows you to embrace your leisure time without distraction, it does not shout out “I am a camera bag” and easily converts into a great spacious and comfortable everyday backpack by removing the insert and leaving your camera gear at home. No matter what you are carrying the well-padded back and harness offer comfort and great weight distribution, the quick-grip top handle will ensure easy modularity, and when traveling the connection to the handle of your wheel-along luggage will lighten the burden traipsing through airports. And should you find yourself in a downpour you will be able to stay dry with our total coverage rain cover.

Application photo photo
Bag Configuration DSLR Kit with 2 Lenses DSLR Kit with 2 Lenses
Bag Features 1155,1159 1155,1159
Body 1 1
Category 1169,1167 1169,1167
Color Khaki Khaki
Extended Warranty 5 Years 5 Years
Illuminated Reticle No No
Inside Dimensions 270 x 105 x 180
Max Lens capacity 2 2
Notebook capacity 15" 15"
Outside Dimensions 12" x 9 1/2" x 18 7/8 305 x 240 x 480
Shoulder Bag Type Backpack Backpack
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Weight 2.7300 2.7300