Yves Krier

Yves Krier, a freelance photographer based in Munich, takes portraits of musicians, models and actors, and documents events around the world.After learning analog photography from his father, Yves quickly became addicted: "I love the fact of not knowing which kind of person, which location and how much time you’ll get to shoot. It’s always exciting to feel a bit of the pressure of the 'unknown.' I owe photography a lot because it lets me see things in different perspectives – a bit like skateboarding, which taught me to look at the city’s architecture differently."

Yves' portraits and editorial fashion shoots have been published in several magazines. Most recently, he did a series of portraits for a documentary film about the German hip hop culture. The pictures will premiere alongside the film in summer 2015. Yves has worked with Vanguard since 2011, producing several commercial campaigns.

"I’m very proud to have such a great and long lasting relationship with Vanguard. Being part of the Vanguard Professionals family alongside so many cool, talented photographers is amazing."  -Yves Krier

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Yves' Gear

ALTA PRO 284CT Carbon Fiber Tripod

"The Alta Pro is my main tripod while traveling. It’s very light and is the perfect height for almost every situation for which a tripod is necessary. I always leave one Alta Pro tripod in my car to make sure I have it with me on my road trips."

GH-100 Pistol Grip Ball Head

"This tripod has been such a blessing for travel! It is so lightweight and compact that it really only takes the space of another lens in my bag. This tripod is designed for fast set up, and I can even do it while I am hiking! The clip closures on the legs are fast and yet very secure. It has a really handy grip on one of the legs that let you tote it over your shoulder with ease. I would not travel without it!"

Xcenior 62T Roller Bag

"This bag has collected many air/flight miles all around the world and still looks good. I use it mainly as my travel bag but often also as a normal camera bag when I need many lenses, flash triggers, cables, laptop, etc. on location.

It fits all of my photo equipment. And, you can roll it instead of hurting your shoulders - how cool is that. "

UP-Rise II 38 Messenger Bag

"Perfect for a short day trip or business meeting."

The Heralder 38 Messenger Bag

"I use this bag very often because it’s very versatile. Lightweight, and big enough for 3 lenses, flash, Laptop, 2 cameras. And, the size is suitable for flights."

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