William Patino

William Patino is a professional landscape and travel photographer based out of the coastal town of Wollongong Australia. He first picked up a camera in 2012 and hasn't viewed the world the same way since.Will sells his images across the globe, runs photography workshops and is often found working with tourism bodies to experience different destinations around the world.

For him, photography isn’t just about the images, but also the moments that surround them. We live in a fast paced world but his time with the camera is where he is able to slow down and appreciate things in their simplest form.

After working as a tradesman for 8 years, in 2015 Will put down the tools in order to pursue photography as a career. He is now grateful to work full time hosting photography workshops and working with local and international clients on destination marketing campaigns and commercial projects. He feels it is a true blessing to be able to share the beauty of the world with others and to make a positive impact on people’s lives through the power of visual art.

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Will's Gear


ABEO Pro 283CGH Carbon Fiber Tripod

"This is my workhorse tripod that I now mainly use for shooting time lapses. It's light yet sturdy and I'm always confident leaving it perched up on high places or out in the elements."

VEO 265CB Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod

"Hands down this is my favourite Vanguard product. Perfect for all the travelling I do, this tripod is as strong as it is compact and has totally changed my life on the road. I'd happily shoot exclusively off the 265CB the rest of my life."


BBH-300 Ball Head

"The BBH-300 head is flawless and never ceases up, even after taking a few dips in the ocean. I always find I'm short on time and this paired up with the ABEO Pro legs always performs when I need it to."

Skyborne 53 Front

Skyborne 53 Backpack

"This is my go to bag for long missions where I require all my gear and laptop. Besides holding everything I own, this bag would have to be the most comfortable I have ever used."

Sedona 45 Backpack

"I love using this bag on hikes or when I'm shooting in wet conditions. It's ridiculously light and the rain cover gives me confidence when the weather gets nasty. It can hold all my essentials and doesn't look like your typical camera bag which I like. "

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