Shane Black

Shane Black is a professional landscape, timelapse, and astrophotographer. Born and raised in Ohio, he is now currently living on the road for a while. 

In the fall of 2012, he took his first trip out west with a friend. They drove 800+ miles around Oregon during the 4 days they were there. Constantly amazed by his surroundings, Shane tried doing his first timelapse work along the shores of the Kootenay Lakes in Canada. The whole trip led to his first timelapse video, titled 'Inukshuks Under The Stars'. From that point on he wanted to further pursue shooting timelapses of landscapes during the day and night. At the beginning of July, Shane and two friends (Vanguard Professionals Joel Robison and Sarah Ann Loreth) all quit their jobs of 6 years to embark on a two month long road trip across the United States to experience what different parts of the country had to offer. They called themselves The Wild Ones and taught photography workshops along the way to help fund the trip and share their knowledge and love of photography with others. It was an experience of a lifetime which led to his timelapse film 'Adventure Is Calling'.

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Shane's Gear

ALTA PRO 284CB 100 Carbon Fiber Tripod

"I've got three of these, to help support my timelapse setups and they have been a great step up from my old heavy aluminum tripods. They're lightweight, durable and I can have them extended and setup within seconds, thanks to the quick twist leg locks."

BBH-200 Ball Head

"This is a very sturdy, durable, and easy to use ballhead. They help me get shots setup very quick and easy!"

Xcenior 62T Roller Bag

"Most of the time I'm taking out the dividers and using this bag as a suitcase. It's rather surprising how much can fit inside and works incredibly well for traveling."


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