Sarah Ann Loreth

Sarah Ann Loreth is a fine art and travel photographer from New England, who specializes in conceptual portraiture. In her work she tries to convey a quiet stillness of emotion with a connection to her natural surroundings. Her work evokes a connection from the viewer, a feeling of oneness of the human experience and a mystery that will leave you wondering how the story will unfold.  She stumbled upon photography while working in the medical field and threw all her energy into teaching herself photography.

Fueled by her love for travel and need to give, Sarah is the co-founder of The Wild Ones Workshop Tour, a not for profit organization set up to aide in the growth of photographic artists by providing education in both photographic techniques and business consulting while providing a supportive and ongoing global community.

"In my line of photography, tripods are an absolute necessity. I work in self portraiture and conceptual portraiture and it would be impossible to do what I do without an effective sturdy tripod. My setups generally involve traveling to outdoor locations, often in ponds, rocky landscapes, and in forests and that requires something durable and light. And in my self portraiture it's usually me alone in the wilderness with a remote and my tripod trying to effectively find the precise angle I'm looking for."  -Sarah Ann Loreth


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Sarah's Gear


ALTA PRO 283CB 100 Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ball Head

"This tripod is my go to when I need something sturdy for challenging weather conditions. It's durable and so easy to use, it's perfect for a self portrait in the rain and wind."


VEO AM-264 Monopod

"I'm in love with this monopod. It's perfect for quick snaps on the go, usually during hikes, that need a little added stability. It's a great tripod for adventure!"


Alta CA 234AP Aluminum Alloy Tripod with Pan Head

"This aluminum tripod is my travel tripod. It's so light weight and compact it's easy to pack away in my suitcase for extended travel and it still gives me the durability and reliability I've come to love about Vanguard."

Havana 41 Backpack

"This Havana backpack is my number one best friend in all my travels. It's stylish, durable, and comes equipped with more than enough room for both photography equipment and other items. This pack has been my pillow on long hikes, my security in big cities, and an essential piece of equipment on all photoshoots."

Havana 36 Shoulder Bag

"This stylish bag is perfect for exploring cities and local coffeeshops! From camera to notebooks and laptops, it fits everything I need."

Endeavor ED II 8 x 32 Binoculars

"I love these binoculars, I bring them on every mountain hike to get a more personal look on the beauty of the landscape as well as deer watching from my home is the great state of Maine!"

Xcenior 62T Roller Bag

"Not only is the Xcenior 62T great for lugging equipment too shoots, it's also makes a fantastic durable luggage for long journeys! This is a bag I've lived out of for months on the road. I've been able to fit tripods, cameras, lenses, hard drives, and even my clothing and toiletries on adventures!"

01 Sedona 45BL-Front

Sedona 45 Backpack

"Ilove this pack. I love the security of it with the back pocket to allows me to hide my camera or valuable possessions away while traveling. I love the removable insert that gives this bag so much versatility. It's amazing on hikes with so many pockets for snacks and water as well as the added whistle safety feature. I love a bag I can get a lot of use out of in all situations!"


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