Sam Stewart

As soon as he first realized it was possible, Sam Stewart decided to become a cameraman for wildlife documentaries. All aspects of the natural world interest him, and in the last 5 years he's been able to turn a passion into a profession. Sam has now become obsessed with finding / watching wildlife and capturing the weird and wonderful on camera.

Since 2012, Sam has been working as a camera assistant and junior cameraman on a range of wildlife TV programs including the BBC’s ‘Springwatch’ and ‘The Great British Year’. In addition to documentaries in the UK, Sam has worked in many remote parts of the world, including underwater in the Middle East, and with Maasai warriors in Tanzania.

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Sam's Gear


“On a recent assignment in Oman I could do nothing but watch as a taxi driver slung open the boot and my bag fell 5 foot on to the tarmac. My laptop, camera, and 5 weeks worth of hard drives were perfectly fine! This bag is tough and perfect for navigating airports with a small amount high value gear”


"Often the most frequently used tool in my camera bag. These binoculars are tough, crystal clear and have super fast focussing.




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