Ryan Russell

Ryan Russell is a music & travel photographer renowned for his work with Paramore & Death Cab for Cutie, among others, and his gritty, Southern Gothic depiction of the south.

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Russell moved from his southern home of 32 years to the pacific northwest town of Bellingham, Washington to explore a new love of nature photography. The eight day cross country journey is captured in his photo book, “Continental Obscura: From Birmingham to Bellingham.” In addition to photography, Russell also has a website devoted to bands performing acoustically called Nervous Energies and is an avid board/video gamer.

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Ryan's Gear

ALTA PRO 254CT Carbon Fiber Tripod

"The Alta Pro 254CT Tripod is the lightest heavy duty use tripod I've ever used. It's rugged enough for heavy rig photoshoots, but also light enough to be taken on the go when needed for short outdoor hike shoots. Coupled with effortless adjustment methods, it's perfect for anyone looking for a multi-use tripod that can take a beating."

PH-32 Pan Head

"The PH-32 Pan Head is simply the smoothest panning head I've ever used on a tripod. It worked perfectly for me when coupled with my Alta Pro 254CT tripod and was easily collapsible into Vanguard's tripod carrying case."

Supreme 46F Case

"I was looking for a large hard case for touring and Vanguard came through with the Supreme 46F. Nearly indestructible, it can hold everything I need gear wise for being on the road with bands in a single case. Baggage handlers, drum cases, guitars, amps, whatever can be stacked or thrown at the Supreme 46F it can take it."

Supreme 37F Case

"I wanted a little brother version of my Supreme 46F case for day to day use and the 37F was a perfect compliment to it. It's light enough for me to pack just what I need for a day drive photoshoot to mountain landscape or to the Seattle venue I'm shooting bands at night."


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