Jason Wharam

Jason Wharam is a wildlife photographer and qualified safari guide now based in Surrey. He was raised on a farm in Zimbabwe, spending most of his time with old African folk. This is where his love for the bush grew by spending time bird watching, camping and exploring the surrounding areas and wilderness.

After completing his Cambridge studies, Jason worked as a safari guide in various places across Africa including the popular South African National Parks of Hwange, Kalahari, Savuti and Moremi. During this time Jason’s love of photography developed into a passion, his pictures have been featured in well-known travel and outdoor magazines such as Getaway and Africa Geographic. His passion and excitement for Africa’s bush and its wildlife is contagious and not diminished by his move to the UK in 2007, although he travels back to Africa as often as he can his photography has grown to include what surrounds him now.

Jason has received multiple industry awards and plaudits for his work and if often called upon as a photography judge or wildlife speaker.


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