Corey Crawford

Corey Crawford is an 18 year old part time landscape and travel photographer who was born and raised in a little town named Oak Flats along the South Coast of Australia.

Corey first picked up a camera mid year of 2014 which was a FujiFilm FinePix S5500 than upgraded to a Nikon D3200 and now (2016) currently he is using the Nikon D610.

For Corey, photography is a pathway to not only express his feelings or emotions but to share a visual story. Dark/moody tones are dragged throughout his images which make his work stand out from the bunch and to let his true unique style shine.

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Corey's Gear

ALTA PRO 254CT Carbon Fiber Tripod

"This tripod is by far one of the most heavy duty and tank of tripod I have used in my current photography career. Basically drowned this thing in salt water and its still working completely fine!"

SBH-50 Ball Head

"Very well built ball head. Loved the overall performance and efficiency of this ballhead. Handled extremely well in the situations I threw at it. Sensational ball head."


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