Endeavor LDA Lock-Down Attachment

Endeavor LDA Lock-Down Attachment

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For hunters and shooters who want a user-friendly, fast, and functional utility to improve steadiness and accuracy in the field, Vanguard Outdoors introduces the Endeavor Series Lock Down Attachment.

  • Easy-attach/detach solution
  • Tripod/monopod/shooting stick-adaptable
  • Arca/Picatinny-compatible
  • Fast in the field
  • Multidirectional shooting
  • Strong, rugged design
  • Helps you stay steady on target
  • Easy rotation and tilt for target tracking
The Vanguard Endeavor Lock Down Attachment (LDA) is designed for shooters who want maximum stability when using a tripod or shooting stick for support. The LDA is manufactured for durability from a solid stock of choice-grade aluminum with a premium anodized finish to withstand the most adverse conditions and punishing use in rough terrain. This adapter works for both Picatinny and Arca-Swiss configurations for an “everything compatible” approach. The Endeavor LDA is the perfect tripod accessory for the long distance or pro shooter.
Color Black Black
Item Weight 0.36 lbs. 0.16 kg
Material Aluminum Aluminum