Gun Hugger 100C Sling for Rifle, Shotgun, or Crossbow

Gun Hugger 100C Sling for Rifle, Shotgun, or Crossbow

Item: HUGGER 100C

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Gun Hugger 100C is a durable sling with a comfortable neoprene shoulder pad and a textured rubber for no-slip transportation. It offers quick, single-handed length adjustment and both ends include anti-slip loops for secure grip. The sling includes an oversized thumb loop and full metal swivel hardware.

  • Neoprene shoulder pad
  • Textured rubber backing
  • All metal hardware
  • Oversized thump loop
$26.99 Buy It Now $33.99 Retail Price

Gun Hugger 100C provides a comfortable way to transport your firearm with a thick neoprene shoulder pad, oversized thumb loop to reduce arm fatigue and convenient one-handed adjustment. It securely grips your shoulder with a textured rubber backing and features all-metal hardware.

Illuminated Reticle No No
Series Gun Hugger Gun Hugger
Specs1 Length(mm)840 - 1150 Length(mm)840 - 1150
Specs2 Width(mm)54 Width(mm)54
Specs3 Weight(g)130 Weight(g)130
Warranty Applicable by national law Applicable by national law