Vanguard VS-82 Tripod Review

Vanguard VS-82 Tripod Review

April 27, 2015

VS-82 is an ultra-compact, lightweight and convenient table tripod.

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Not too long ago, we were looking into products that could help us further our content here at MacSources. One of the items we came up with was a short, tabletop tripod. Part of the reason for this was so that our teleprompter (R810-10) could sit closer to us when we do a video review. We started doing our research and found that the Vanguard VS-82 was exactly what we were looking for.

For starters, the VS-82 can hold up to 5.5 lbs and the teleprompter – our main reason for this search – only weighs 5 pounds. Secondly, the tripod swivels 360º and has a 2-way pan head. The versatility of a professional-grade full-size tripod packaged in a smaller, lightweight product was what we were looking for and we found it in the Vanguard VS-82.

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First Impressions
Upon its arrival, we were instantly surprised at its weight. Even though we knew before ordering it that it weighs just under 1 pound, it was still a bit shocking considering how well it is made. It is made primarily from aluminum and comes equipped with a standard tripod mount. This will work with most modern cameras and can be replaced if lost.

Because it’s a table top tripod, it only measures 9 7/8” high when it’s fully extended. The nice thing about it is that when its legs are fully extended, they have a nice, wide stance and includes non-slip feet. It’s very secure and doesn’t wobble at all if it’s on a flat surface.

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When we moved on to the testing of the tripod, we used several types of cameras and tripod-mountable devices. We used everything from a full-size Canon DSLR to our iPad Teleprompter to an iPhone 6 (mountable with a tripod adapter) and found that the Vanguard VS-82 was a very useful, sturdy tripod. The most impressive thing to me was the teleprompter. Even though it’s lightweight in its own right, it’s still an awkward shape and a bit front heavy. I thought for sure that the tripod would succumb to the teleprompter’s irregular measurements and tip forward. But, this little stand surprised me. It held strong and kept the teleprompter nice and steady.

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The Vanguard VS-82 is definitely worth buying for any photographer or videographer who wants to up their game and add to their equipment arsenal. The tripod has an MSRP of $29.99 and is completely worth the price.

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