Day One: Welcome Back to Eddie Adams

Day One: Welcome Back to Eddie Adams

October 12, 2015

A Note from Vanguard Sales Director Doug Feldner

October 9, 2015

I woke up abruptly as my plane touched down at Newark International Airport. My eyes had the dry, gritty, half asleep feeling that only a red-eye flight can give you. A week on the west coast had transitioned abruptly to east coast time with a 9:15 AM arrival. As I shook the weariness from my bones, I contemplated the very long day ahead. I would rush home, load 80 some-odd tripods and monopods in my car, drive two hours and set up for a workshop.

Why in the world would I do this to myself? In three words, the answer is the Eddie Adams Workshop. A month earlier I received a call from the event organizers asking if Vanguard would like to sponsor the event this year. Another sponsor had dropped out and our name had risen to the top of the list. I was surprised, honored, humbled and could not say yes fast enough. As my airplane taxied, my weariness melted as the excitement for the event overtook it.

In its 28th year, Eddie Adams is the preeminent Photo Journalism workshop in the world. Each year 100 students from across the world are selected to attend. Whether a college student, military photographer or self-taught shooter each is chosen because the best in the photojournalism world feel that they have what it takes to be great.

At 4:30 the bus pulled up and as the students walk up the hill to the barn, the received cheers, whoops, hollers and high-fives. Welcome to Eddie Adams. Having been a sponsor of the event in a previous life, I had forgotten just how much energy there is on the farm. A full volunteer event, a core group of organizers is joined by the best of the photojournalism world. More than an event, Eddie Adams is a close-knit community. You will see many volunteers from the 2700 alumni of the event. Getting food on the buffet line you could be standing next to legends of photography and leaders in publishing. It doesn’t matter who you are because we are all here for one reason: to help, mentor and teach photography to the chosen.

I should be in bed, but I stand as Alyssa Adams, Eddie’s daughter makes her opening remarks. She speaks about her father and along with others share stories about the legend and his dream for this workshop. There is nothing but positive vibes in the room. It will be a long four days for everyone on the farm, but longest for the students. Between presentations from the legends that they have studied as a student of photojournalism, they will shoot, edit and later into the night. These Chosen will get a photojournalism boot camp like no other in the world.

I applaud as each presenter as the speakers continue late into the night. I’m back at Eddie Adams! I’m thankful for a chance for Vanguard to join this community. Armed with adrenaline, caffeine and the sheer excitement I’ll push through the weekend. This is an important event for the future of the craft and I couldn’t be happier to be here.

- Doug Feldner