Best Hunting Backpacks for the Money?

Best Hunting Backpacks for the Money?

June 11, 2019

Affordable Hunting Backpacks for Every Situation

Hunting backpacks range not only in features and function but also in cost. There are options available for every hunter whether you are looking for a deer hunting backpack or just a hunting pack for all season use. The challenge is getting one that does not blow your entire hunting season budget. There are, however, affordable hunting packs that do not sacrifice quality for a lower price.

Typically, the best bowhunting backpack and ones that can hold a gun or a crossbow are more expensive. Bucking this trend are the hunting backpacks from Vanguard. Their packs are at the top when it comes to quality and function while still being affordable to every hunter. Few other backpacks on the market for hunting can say that.

Best Hunting Backpacks- 4 Questions to Ask

A backpack for hunting has to be matched to its intended use in order to be useful. For example, there are days when you need a pack for an afternoon hunt and other times when you have to be able to pack in supplies for a multi-day hunt. Along with being versatile, the pack has to hold up and be comfortable. It has to fit well on your back while being able to securely carry your weapon of choice and all your hunting gear.

When considering what the best hunting backpack is for the money, there are questions to ask.

  1. What type of fabric is it constructed from? Whether you are considering a deer hunting backpack or a daypack, the best ones are made from silent but durable fabric. Although hard to find in most affordable hunting packs, the fabric should also be water resistant to protect your gear from the elements.
  1. Can it hold a bow or rifle securely? A pack that holds a bow, crossbow or rifle securely allows you to transverse terrain easily and keeps both your hands-free. It also is more comfortable than slinging or holding your weapon when transitioning between areas or hiking in for a multi-day hunt.
  1. Does the pack have a compatible water bladder compartment? An integrated water bladder compartment is key. It conveniently stores liquids out of the way but still accessible to keep you hydrated throughout the hunt.
  1. Will the pack be comfortable? Each hunter has his or her own definition of what a comfortable backpack is. However, there are common features to look for in the best hunting packs. Features such as quality harnesses, integrated waist belt, and balanced load pockets all make a deer hunting pack much more likely to be comfortable.

Vanguard’s Line of Affordable Hunting Packs

The best hunting backpacks are designed from years of experience and use along with feedback from hunters. Whether it is a hunting day pack or a larger pack for an extended hunt, Vanguard’s line of hunting packs doesn’t just meet all the requirements, but they are also affordable.

Features included on all Vanguard Hunting Packs

  • XXL orange silicone zippers
  • Built-in water bladder compartment with integrated drinking tube connectors
  • Total coverage orange rain cover
  • Waist belt with quick access pockets
  • Water-resistant, easy to clean durable bottom material
  • Silent, water-repellent fabric in Realtree Xtra® camo
  • Ability to stow a rifle, bow or crossbow
  • Versatile connectors for additional attachments
  • Lifetime warranty

#OnYourGuard: PIONEER Hunting Packs from Vanguard USA on Vimeo.

Pioneer 975RT Hunting Backpack - The Ideal Hunting Day Pack

Hunting daypacks have their place. They are ideal for quick hunts or to carry essential gear for early season hunting. The Vanguard 975RT hunting backpack is capable of meeting those needs and much more.

This do anything, go anywhere daypack allows you plenty of room to carry all of your essential hunting gear. The compact design can be expanded up to 16-liter capacity and the butterfly attachment system secures your weapon of choice. There are also plenty of additional external connectors for attaching and adding anything that will not fit into the main compartment. The overall design of this pack offers unlimited mobility while providing comfort unmatched in most other affordable hunting packs. The compact size and feature-rich design of the 975RT pack make it one of the best hunting packs for spring gobbler season.

Pioneer 1600RT Hunting Backpack - The Ideal Bowhunting Backpack

The Vanguard 1600RT hunting pack provides close to double the amount of internal storage space compared to the 975RT described above. This pack is well suited for day hunts that may require additional items like rain gear or cold weather clothing. The balance of increased storage room with its compact size makes it one of the best bowhunting backpacks out there. This model adds two detachable waist belt pockets for additional quick access to gear such as calls, scents, rangefinders, and electronics. Finally, it has reinforced top and side handles to easily grab and go or for hoisting it up a tree stand.

Pioneer 2100RT Hunting Backpack - The Ideal Multi-Day Hunting Pack

Affordable hunting packs that are capable of meeting the demands of multi-day hunts are almost impossible to find. Usually, you can expect to spend $300 or more for one that is comfortable and can haul all your gear. The Vanguard 2100RT pack does just that but without the big price tag.

This large, multi-day pack is one of the best hunting backpacks with a rifle holder to get the job done on expedition style hunts. Carrying a lifetime warranty like the other Vanguard RT packs it has a spacious 34-liter capacity matched with all the other great features of the 1600RT. The advanced ergonomic back and harness system provides all-day comfort and stability by equally distributing a full pack’s weight. Designed ventilation also keeps you cool on long hikes. One can honestly say that with all of these features it is the best hunting pack for multi-day trips without breaking your budget.

Affordable hunting packs usually lack the features that many hunters require. The key questions you have to ask when considering hunting backpacks when answered successfully, increase the cost. On the contrary, without certain key features, your hunt or hunting season can be hindered. Vanguard’s line of hunting packs has changed all that. They have designed some of the best hunting packs available at a cost every hunter can afford.