A Whitetail Day Pack For Any Style of Hunting

A Whitetail Day Pack For Any Style of Hunting

August 23, 2019

Hunting Packs to Stay Organized in the Field

When it comes to whitetail packs, having versatility can be a major plus for any deer hunter. Having the right pack to bring what you need, given your style(s) of hunting, can help you stay organized in the field and while in the stand. At Vanguard, we offer a variety of different packs, and today, we’re going to explain which packs you could use in different hunting situations. Here’s what you should know.

A Morning or Evening Hunt

If you are going in for a standard morning or evening hunt and aren’t planning to need too much gear or spend too much time in the stand, there are a few different packs that could suit this type of hunting, depending on what you prefer. The first whitetail pack that we’re going to focus on is the Pioneer 975RT. This pack is a solid all-around whitetail hunting pack. It’s our middle of the line pack as far as size is concerned and you can fit quite a bit of gear in here if you like to pack some extras for just a few hours in the field. It comes in at 16 liters in size and sports a butterfly attachment for your bow or gun. What makes this particular pack so great for someone hunting a morning or evening, is that you can fit your essentials, plus the few extras. This might come in the form of snacks, an extra jacket for when the evening starts to get a little chillier, or even a trail camera if you need to set one up on the way into your stand. Overall, for this type of hunting situation, the Pioneer 975RT is a great pack.

Another solid pack option for this hunting situation is the Pioneer 1000 Sling Style Backpack. This pack is made specifically for bowhunters, and if you are a dedicated bowhunter, this pack should be in consideration. You can easily attach your bow to this pack, allowing for an easy walk in and out of the stand. Its detailed storage creates for optimal organization. It’s the same size as the Pioneer 975RT, coming in at 16 liters, but is built differently. The Pioneer is a standard backpack, with two straps. Just like the name would suggest, the sling style backpack only has one strap. On the sling strap, there is a built-in water bladder compartment and drinking tube, so you don’t have to pack in any water for your evening or morning hunt. This is another great option for a morning or evening bow hunt.

For the minimalist, the Pioneer 400RT hunting waist pack is a perfect go-to pack for a short hunt. This pack is a small, six-liter waist pack, offering a compact and durable option for the hunter that likes to pack light. Additionally, it contains a watertight pocket to keep items such as your phone dry, given a rainfall. You can seamlessly switch the pack from the front of your waist to the back, allowing you to change the position of the back based on what you find comfortable. When you’re headed out for a morning or evening hunt and don’t like to bring much to the stand outside of your weapon of choice, this pack is a great choice.


All Day Hunting/Hunting Trips

If you are headed on a hunting trip or are hunting all day during the rut, a waist pack probably isn’t going to cut it. You are going to need more room for additional gear. The first pack that we’re going to touch on with this scenario is the Pioneer 1600RT pack. This pack offers 26 liters of room and allows you to fit much more gear. You can easily throw in a grunt tube, rattling antlers, extra clothes, and whatever else you find fit for a full day spent in the treestand. It features a butterfly attachment, giving you the opportunity to easily attach your bow or gun to the back. For anyone that has hunted all day before, you know you will get hungry. What can be a setback for many hunting packs, is there isn’t room to fit food in them without crushing it all. When it comes to the Pioneer 1600 pack, not only is it spacious, but there is plenty of organization built-in, allowing you to easily pack things such as a thermos or two, and food to keep you filled up all day. If you are headed on an out of state trip or are going to be spending a full day in the field, this pack is a great option.

Just as there is the minimalist hunter, who doesn’t like to pack much of anything, there is the complete opposite side of the spectrum as well. And that’s the hunter who likes to pack everything and some. There’s nothing wrong with that, as some hunters like to have everything possible they would need in the field, especially on a trip or while hunting all day during the rut. This is where the Pioneer 2100 RT hunting backpack comes in play. This pack boasts an impressive 34 liters of room, making it our largest whitetail hunting pack. This pack has optimal balance, and once again you can easily attach your weapon to the outside of the pack with the butterfly attachment. It has a waist belt with quick access zip pockets with two detachable pouches and is water-resistant. With this pack, you can easily pack in all of your necessities for an all-day rut hunt, along with an extra set of clothes, plenty of food, a thermos of coffee and more. For the hunter that likes to overpack, and you don’t want to be worried about having room on your all-day hunt, this pack is for you.


When it comes to whitetail hunting, having the right pack is crucial. You don’t want to have a tiny pack if you like to pack a lot of gear. And if you like to keep things to a minimum, then having a big and spacious package isn’t the right choice either. With our packs at Vanguard, we offer a plethora of choices, so you can have the right pack for your hunting scenario.